Let’s Talk: Sexual Violence Against Men With Disabilities

Let’s Talk About Sexual Violence Against Men With Disabilities

Men with disabilities are twice as likely as those without disabilities to experience sexual violence. Yet few people know just how common it is, including health care professionals. On top of that, men with disabilities may not know about the different types of sexual violence they could experience, how to talk about it with their doctor, how to report it to authorities, or how to access healing services like counseling. The Arc’s National Center on Criminal Justice and Disability and The Board Resource Center are excited to announce new resources to address this silent epidemic.

Health care professionals are in a frontline position to educate patients with disabilities about sexual violence and how to report it, yet they generally have little or no experience talking about it. Supported by the WITH Foundation, the project is releasing new training videos and other valuable online resources to give health care professionals the practical tools they need to have simple, direct, and honest conversations about sexual violence with male patients who have intellectual and developmental disabilities.

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“Survivors need to talk things out. We need a safe place to tell things and be heard. Listen to us, hear us, believe us. Let us talk about it as long as we need to. Let us be brave with you. We are getting out the pain, one conversation at a time.”
– James Meadours, National Peer Advocate & Survivor

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