After a recent court ruling the court ordered an extension of the Census 2020 data collection deadline. As a result of COVID-19 and natural disasters (in some states like the wildfires in California) many people were unable to fill out their census information and door to door Census data collection was halted for a period of time. Complete and accurate Census data is CRITICAL because it only happens once every 10 years and the data is used to inform key policy decision for political representation, redistricting, amount of federal funding allocated to states and local communities, state and local planning, emergency response and a base for federal surveys.

You and your family count! If you have not had a chance to fill out the 2020 Census questionnaire we strongly encourage you to do so. It takes less than 10 minutes and its confidential. For more information about the 2020 Census visit:  https://my2020census.gov


2020 Census

It’s not too late to fill out the 2020 Census, but there isn’t much time. The deadline is just over two weeks away. Make sure you are counted. The census determines funding for important things for people with disabilities like housing, health care, transportation, and more. #BeCounted #DisabilityCounts2020

Census and Voter Registration Outreach Opportunity

Disability Vote California, a non-partisan coalition that brings statewide organizations together to advance the power of 4 million disabled voters in California, needs you! The deadline for completing the 2020 Census is September 30th, and the deadline to register to vote is October 19th. It is critically important that members of the disability community be counted and heard in order to ensure that we have access to the services and support that we need from our government.

This is where you come in.

The coalition is asking organizations and individuals to reach out to their members, clients, families, and staff to urge them to do three simple things:

1. Complete the 2020 Census by September 30th

2. Register to vote

3. Create a safe plan to vote

That’s it! Attached is a script you can to use during your outreach to make the effort as easy as possible.

Disability Vote California hopes you will be able to call or email members of your community as soon as you can. This is a critical time for the disability community and our country. Reaching out to your network about these important issues is a great way to make a difference!

If you are seeking additional, powerful tools and information, go to

DisabilityVoteCa.org. You will find great materials like plain language voter guides and easy to follow steps on how and where to vote. Thanks for joining us in making sure the disability community has a voice this November!

Download the script here.

Census 2020: People with Disabilities Count!

Participation in the 2020 census by people with disabilities will help make sure that our community receives our rightful share of federal resources and that we are fairly represented in Congress. An accurate Census count will help us, our families, and our communities get the resources we need and build our political power. Yet many of us have questions about the Census. Questions about accessibility, privacy, and why our participation matters.

DREDF, DO Network, and Rooted in Rights partnered to produce three videos to answer these questions. Watch in English, ASL, or Spanish. The videos can be found at disabilitycounts2020.org