Workforce Development

The Arc of California recognizes direct support professionals as the backbone of our system and without DSPs community-based services and supports would crumble. We are dedicated to collaborating with DSPs and a wide variety of stakeholders to work toward a comprehensive approach to building capacity and stability, elevate training, mentoring and professional development opportunities and ensuring DSPs are paid a livable wage.

In California, we have partnered with several other organizations to share our commitment to DSPs and our desire to work with them to building the capacity, stability and professionalism needed to ensure strong community-based services and supports continue and thrive. As part of our commitment we are participating in a state-wide DSP Summit that will bring DSPs and Executive Directors of the organizations they work for together to identify strategies to strengthen the DSP workforce throughout the state. In addition to our work with the DSP Workforce Summit, we continue to advocate through the state budget and legislative proposals for sound policies, adequate rates for providers and systems change that promotes the value and contributions of the DSP workforce.