Victim Services for the Intellectual and Developmental Disability Community

In partnership with CalOES, the Governor’s Office of Emergency Services, we have been working to raise awareness of victim services programs within California’s disability community. These important services are free of charge and can help victims of certain crimes recover. This is especially critical for people with disabilities because we are seven times more likely to become victims of sexual assault and at least twice as likely to become victims of violent crimes than nondisabled people.

Victim services programs can provide financial assistance and support services to people who have been victims of a qualifying crime and who have suffered physical, mental, or financial harm. Some of the services available to victims include:

  • Resource counseling and referral to appropriate agencies
  • Help understanding the criminal justice system process
  • Attending court hearings with victims
  • Assistance with preparing or delivery of a victim impact statement
  • Assistance with filling out applications for the Victims of Crime Program through the Victim Compensation and Government Claims Board
  • Advocacy in felony domestic violence cases
  • Victim services programs and victim-witness assistance programs are typically offered at no cost through the district attorney’s office in each county, and the State Victims Compensation Program.

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