Policy Updates from The Arc and the American Association on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities


Over the last few months, The Arc’s Policy and Positions Committee has reviewed 14 position statements. Of those, 12 were due for review under the bylaws and an additional two were recommended for review by the board or staff. Based on the recommendation of the Policy and Positions Committee, the boards of directors of The Arc and the American Association on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (AAIDD) voted to conduct a full substantive review and revision of three of the statements:

  • Human and Civil Rights;
  •  Addressing the Causes and Effects of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities; and
  •  Advocacy

In addition, the boards agreed to write a new joint position statement on anti-racism. AAIDD adopted an anti-racism statement in December 2020, which can serve as a starting point for that statement. This revision process will begin in September. Comments from chapters, advisory committees, and leadership committees are welcomed on the current versions of the four statements so that the Policy and Positions Committee and its work groups may consider them during the revision process. A survey will be available in September to receive comments.

A final draft is expected to be posted online for comments from mid-December through mid-January 2022 so that the committee can consider those comments in its final recommendations to the boards of directors of AAIDD and The Arc in February/March 2022.

The following position statements were also reviewed; however, based on the decisions of The Arc and AAIDD boards of directors, they will not be revised at this time: Autonomy, Decision-Making Supports, and Guardianship; Behavioral Supports; Criminal Justice System; Inclusion; Opportunities for Financial Asset Building; Protection; Quality of Life; Research; Sexuality; Spirituality; and Support Coordination. Under The Arc’s bylaws, these position statements remain in effect until revised or withdrawn. They are on schedule for review at least every six years.

Be on the lookout in September for the survey opportunity for feedback on the four statements to be revised. In the meantime, if you have questions, contact Mike Nagel at nagel@thearc.org.




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