The Election is Over, Now What?

The Election is Over, Now What?

Congratulations to everyone in the intellectual and developmental disabilities community that voted for the first time! We have heard from several people that were very proud to tell us they either had their voting rights restored or voted for the first time. Depending who you ask they will tell you voting is either a civic right or a civic duty and whether you believe it is a right or a duty it is still your voice being heard. Now that the elections are over your civic engagement really begins at the local, state and federal level there is GREAT opportunity to have your voice heard by your representatives. Whether the person you voted for won or not they are now your representative. Take the time and the opportunity to meet with your elected officials, school board members, city council members, members from the board of supervisors. Etc. because these AREthe people that make the decisions that affect your lives. WE ARE HERE TO HELP if you need help with talking points or the process of advocacy we are a phone call away.

Do you have a newly elected representative in your area? If so, once your new representative is sworn into the legislature next month consider making an appointment with them to let them know what issues are important to you. If your elected official or representative stayed in the seat it is still a good time to meet with them in their district office to congratulate and remind them of what is important to you and your community. This is a link to find out who your representative is

Below are some of the 2019 changes to the CA State Legislature. You will see some familiar names as well as some new names.

CA Senate District 14 

(Fresno, Bakersfield, Hanford areas)

Melissa Hurtado (D)

Previously represented by Senator Andy Vidak

CA Senate District 16

(Central Valley, High Desert areas)

Shannon Grove

Previously represented by Senator Jean Fuller

CA Senate District 22

(San Gabriel Valley)

Susan Rubio

Previously represented by Senator Ed Hernandez

CA Senate District 24

(Los Angeles)

Maria Elena Durazo

Previously represented by Senator Kevon de Leon

CA Assembly District 15

(Richmond, Berkeley areas)

Buffy Wicks

Previously represented by Assembly Member Tony Thurmond

CA Assembly District 30

(Salinas, Watsonville, Hollister areas)

Robert Rivas

Previously represented by Assembly Member Anna Caballero

Assembly District 40 

(Rancho Cucamonga, Redlands area)

James Ramos

Previously represented by Assembly Member Marc Steinorth

Assembly District 76

(Carlsbad, Oceanside, Encinitas area)

Tasha Boerner Horvath

Previously represented by Rocky Chavez

Jordan Lindsey

Teresa Anderson, Policy Director, The Arc & UCP Collaboration

Jordan Lindsey, Executive Director, The Arc of California

The Arc/UCP Collaboration

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