National Disability Voter Registration Week – What are You Voting For?

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This week is National Disability Voter Registration Week! This is great news as there are approximately 4 million people with disabilities in the state of California, more than enough to make our voices heard at the polls if all of us who are able register and vote for the candidates and laws that we think are best.

Your vote is your voice in democracy. As the video above shows, there are a lot of issues facing people with disabilities right now. Voting for the candidates and laws that reflect your values is an essential way to ensure that your government deals with these issues in the ways that you would like them to.

Sometimes voters with disabilities face barriers to voting. To learn about voting accessibility and rights for California voters with disabilities visit

It is important for every person who is eligible to vote. You can help by registering yourself to vote, and this week especially, encourage every member of the disability community to register to vote. We can all use our voices in our democracy by voting on November 3rd.

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