Learn About Voting: Plain Language Guides from The Arc of The United States

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The presidential election is on November 3rd this year. In the state of California, we will all be voting by mail because of COVID-19. For many people with disabilities this may be their first time voting. For others who have voted before this may be their first time voting by mail. Even though November 3rd may seem a long time away, it’s a great idea to begin learning about voting early. In that spirit, it’s important to share these plain language voting resources from The Arc of The United States so that every eligible member of our community can exercise their right to vote.

The Guides:

·     Disability Voter Guide

·     Guía para votantes con discapacidades

·     The 2020 Election & You: Thinking about Disability

·     La elección de 2020 y usted: pensando en la discapacidad

·     Sample Questions for Candidates

·     Ejemplos de preguntas para los candidatos

You can register to vote online in California on the Secretary of State’s website. On the same website, you can also check your registration status and make changes if you have moved or changed your name since the last election.

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