91 Days Until the Election: Are You Vote Ready?

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Check Your Voter Registration Status

This year due to the COVID-19 pandemic every registered voter in California will receive their ballot in the mail. While this does not mean that you have to vote-by-mail*, it does mean that it is more important than ever to be sure that your voter registration is up to date. After all, how will your ballot get to you if your address isn’t up to date? Fortunately, you can check and update your voter registration online at the California Secretary of State’s website.

When you check your voter registration status you can make changes to your address, name (if you have legally changed it), language preference, and political party affiliation. On the same webpage you can also register to vote for the first time if you are a qualified voter. If you will turn 18 on or before November 3rd you can pre-register to vote on the same page.

Even if you’re fairly certain that your voter registration is up to date, checking online is fast and easy, so please check your status just to be sure! And please keep checking the Monday Morning Memo for more information on voting in the upcoming weeks and months.

Check Your Voter Registration Status

*More info on how to vote by mail, drop off your ballots, and in person voting coming soon.

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