The California Legislature Set to Return

California Capitol

The California Assembly will return to business, not quite as usual on May 4, 2020. Policy and Budget hearings will be held but the Assembly has issued strict guidelines related to participating in the legislative process during the COVID-19 Pandemic. There will be health screening at the entrance of the Capitol and limited public access to the hearing rooms for in-person public comment. The Assembly is encouraging public participation and comment through a dedicated phone line. The phone number will be given at the beginning, and throughout, the hearings. The Assembly memo detailing the new guidelines can be found here:

Next week’s hearings include an Informational Hearing on Critical Health and Human Services Related to the COVID-19 Crisis, Education Committee and Human Services. There are several other hearings scheduled but a significant number are still postponed. For current hearing information check the Assembly Daily File at:

The Senate is scheduled to return on May 11, 2020. For information about the Senate schedule check the Senate Daily File at:

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