Senate Bill 882 Advisory Council on Improving Interactions Between Law Enforcement and People with IDD Moves to the Senate Floor

By Teresa Anderson, Public Policy Director, The Arc/UCP California Collaboration

On May 19 both the Assembly and the Senate held their respective Suspense File Hearings in the Appropriations Committee. The Suspense File is where any bill that would cost more than $150,000 sits until after the state budget (May Revise) has been prepared, giving the legislature a better idea of how much money the state has available. What happens next is anyone’s guess because there is no real clear process for deciding which bills get off the suspense file and which bills do not. It is frequently said that the Suspense File is where good bills (and some bad bills) go to die. Roughly 220 bills did not make it off the Suspense File yesterday, and some that did make it off were significantly amended.

SB 882 (Eggman) Advisory Council on Improving Interactions Between Law Enforcement and People with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities – sponsored by The Arc/UCP California Collaboration, Association of Regional Center Agencies, and United Domestic Workers (UDW/AFSCME) Local 3930 – did make it off the Suspense File! SB 882 would create an advisory council within the Department of Justice to evaluate and report on existing training for peace officers related to interactions between law enforcement and people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. The bill would also require law enforcement agencies to include information on whether someone involved in a use of force incident had an intellectual or developmental disability.

SB 882 now heads to the Senate Floor! We appreciate everyone’s support in getting us this far and stay tuned because we will be reaching out soon for support as we make our way to the Assembly. Thank you to everyone who sent support letters. A special shout out to Alicia Hatfield from Senator Eggman’s office, who worked tirelessly to get us this far, we will miss you and good luck on your new adventure.

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