Public Charge Regulation Back in Effect For Now


Last week, the Northern District of Illinois issued a decision vacating the Department of Homeland Security’s public charge regulations nationwide. Unfortunately, a few days later, the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals stayed the decision pending its appeal, meaning that the DHS public charge rule can now be implemented while litigation continues.

Multiple cases continue, including a case challenging the Department of State’s (DOS) public charge rules and the President’s Health Insurance Proclamation. The preliminary injunction in this case is still in effect nationwide.

As we recently reported the “public charge” rule will make it extremely difficult for people with disabilities to immigrate to our country and has had a chilling effect on immigrants in California utilizing critical support services, including regional center services, IHSS, and Medi-Cal.

Fortunately, the advocacy group Protecting Immigrant Families has developed a number of resources for individuals, community leaders, and advocates to use as they navigate this new rule. The resources have been recently updated, and are

now available in Spanish and English. Here they are:

Please stay tuned for further developments, as the situation evolves. In this time of uncertainty, many of our community facing documents remain applicable, including a document with information on keeping kids enrolled, and a know your rights document with key messages.

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