Facebook Premiere Event: Election 2020 It’s Your Choice

Election 2020

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Join us on our Facebook page October 6th at 4:00 PM for the premiere of Election 2020 It’s Your Choice, a non-partisan roundtable discussion on how voters with disabilities make decisions before we vote.

Our vote is our voice. Yet finding credible sources of information is challenging for every voter. So much so that voting itself can be intimidating. Our democracy is important, and it needs all of our voices to work.

Election 2020 It’s Your Choice offers an informative, calm alternative to the partisan shouting. If you are planning to vote in the upcoming election join us on October 6th.


  • Sascha Bittner, Voter and Activist
  • Howard McBroom, Advocate, Easterseals
  • Kecia Weller, Self-Advocacy and Community Liaison, UCLA Tarjan Center
  • Wesley Witherspoon, Consumer Advocate USC UCEDD
  • Moderator: Christian McMahon, The Arc of California

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