Don’t Miss These Ballot Measure Resources from California Budget & Policy Center

Over the past several weeks, the California Budget & Policy Center has released analyses of several measures on the November 6 statewide ballot. These resources explain what these propositions would do, what they would mean for our state, and what issues and questions they raise, all with the goal of helping voters to make informed decisions about key measures.

With Election Day one week away, here’s a round-up of all our ballot measure resources:

Proposition 1: Should California Sell Bonds to Develop Affordable Housing and Help Veterans and Lower-Income Residents Buy Homes?


Proposition 2: Should California Sell Bonds Backed by County Mental Health Funds to Develop Supportive Housing for Homeless Residents With Mental Illness?


Proposition 5: Should Californians Expand Property Tax Breaks for Older, Wealthier Homeowners at the Expense of Other Homeowners and Public Services? 


Proposition 6: Should Californians Eliminate Recently Enacted Funding for Road Repairs and Transportation Infrastructure?

Proposition 10: Should California Allow Cities to Apply Rent Control Policies to More Rental Housing?

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