A Chance to Make Our Community’s Voices Heard on Anti-Disability Crimes and Hatred

Circle of paper figures holding hands that includes people in wheelchairs

By Greg deGiere, The Arc & UCP California Collaboration

Adults and children with disabilities are subject too much higher crime rates than the general population.

People of color with disabilities, LGBTQ people with disabilities, women and girls with disabilities, older adults with disabilities, homeless people with disabilities, and people with disabilities in all the other communities that are particular targets of bias and hate have the highest crime victimization rates of all.

Making our voices heard has never been easy. That’s one reason why The Arc and UCP California Collaboration actively supported the 2021 bill to create the California Commission on the State of Hate, charged with listening to the public and making recommendations to the state’s policymakers.

Despite efforts by The Arc & UCP California Collaboration, a person with a disability was not appointed to the Commission. This is your chance to tell your story and make your suggestions — even demands.

The commission’s first public forum via Zoom is set for 11:30 a.m. Wednesday, May 24. More information and a flyer can be found by clicking HERE.

Please mark your calendar now and forward the flyer to everyone you know who may be motivated to speak out.


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