Act Now to Support Immigrants with Disabilities!

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) recently proposed a change to the “public charge” rule which would discriminate against people with disabilities – and we need your help to stop it!


The public charge rule is used to prevent people from coming into the United States for work, to live, or to visit if the government thinks they might depend on government services like Medicaid, the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, the Children’s Health Insurance Program, etc., to meet their needs. In other words, the government believes that because of the use of these services and benefits, the individual has become a public charge. This proposed change expands existing policy and rules. It would allow the U.S. to discriminate against more people by expanding the services and programs that are counted when deciding whether a person is or will be a “public charge,” that stop them from entering the U.S. (getting a visa) or getting a green card (becoming a permanent resident).

The proposed rule would exclude people from this country simply because they have a disability and may need supports. You can learn more about the rule here.

Take Action Now

There is still time to stop this rule. Until December 10, DHS is taking public comments that the government must read and respond to before it makes the rule final. It is critical that the disability community sends in as many comments as possible explaining why this rule is dangerous and discriminatory to stop it from being implemented.

Fill in your information here to see draft comments that you can personalize and submit directly to DHS. It’s very important for you to add your own words. If you don’t add your own words, the government may not count your comment.

Jordan Lindsey

Jordan Lindsey, Executive Director, The Arc of California

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