Accessible Language COVID-19 Resources and Answers to Common Questions

Census 2020: People with Disabilities Count!

Our routines are changing fast because of Covid-19 also known as the coronavirus. It is hard for us to know what is happening. The SCDD answered the most common questions they have been asked in accessible language. We have compiled them along with other resources for you to read and share.

NEW Resources

Top Questions SCDD Received from Self-Advocates (English)

Preguntas frecuentes que SCDD recibió de Personas con Discapacidades (Espanol)

Top Questions SCDD Received from Family Advocates (English)

Preguntas frecuentes que SCDD recibió de Padres y Miembros de Familia (Espanol)

Other Resources

How to Stay Healthy from COVID-19 (English)

Cómo Mantenerse Saludable de COVID-19 (Espanol)

Information By and For People with Disabilities – Green Mountain Self-Advocates (English)

Información de COVID-19 Por y Para Personas con Discapacidades (Espanol)

The California Department of Public Health (CDPH) has a regularly updated page for information and guidance at:

CDPH’s has COVID-19 Public Health Guidance for people with disabilities at

All of these resources are available on SCDD’s website at

Watch and share this video for and by self-advocates about staying healthy during the pandemic:

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